Refco does not shy away from any challenge. Are you planning a complex project or looking for just a small series? We deliver customized work and make the necessary bending tools ourselves.

  • Sawing

  • Diameter: from capillary to 159 mm
  • Length: from 40 mm to several meters
  • Finish: burr-free
  • Material: copper pipes, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, etc.
  • Batch size: variable
  • Base product: coils or straight lengths

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  • Bending

In the field of bending, Refco does not shy away from any challenge. We also supply small series or complex products. Refco uses mandrel bending machines that can process tubes up to a diameter of 108 mm. We can even bend the largest sizes with a radius of 1,2 times the tube diameter, enabling the creation of compact constructions without needing to braze fittings.

Your inquiry is our challenge, from small series to complex products. We develop the necessary bending tools in-house.

Rolling tubes into rings and into single or multiple spirals is also one of our specialties.

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  • Tube collaring

To create an angle branch a ‘T’ can be added. However, Refco can drill holes with a vertical collar, which results in the creation of a branch without a ‘T’: 

  • Until diameter 108 mm
  • Endless possibilities regarding spacing, diameter of the hole, degree of rotation and almost unlimited length of workpiece
  • Very complex manifolds are possible

For larger series, we use an automatic collaring machine.

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  • Spinning

To close a tube end, the customer can opt to give a semi-spherical shape to the tube. This is done by placing the tube in a rotating die.

Spinning closes the end of the tube by for example forming a semi-sphere form in a rotating die. This process requires less labour and makes the piece more resistant to high internal pressure.

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  • End forming

To finish off a tube end, customers can opt for end-plate brasing. Besides this technique and spinning, sawn tubes can also be given another end-forming treatment:

  • Reduce diameter
  • Expand diameter
  • Create joints

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  • Brazing & welding

Brazing or hard soldering is the technique whereby the temperature of the workpieces is locally heated up to more than 450 °C by means of a gas burner. Thereafter, the liquefied filler metal flows over the base metal in order to join the pieces together.

Refco’s large team of specialized operators braze on a daily basis. They join:

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  • Parts & semi-finished products

Refco is the reference in assembling parts to semi-finished products that you can use to complete machines or appliances. We make the jigs necessary to accomplish precision work ourselves; consequently, you do not need to acquire such high specialization to still enjoy the superior quality of product.

We produce complete packages of manufactured pieces and small parts to suit your requirements. This reduces not only your stock levels but also your administration and follow-up of logistics.

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  • More than copper

In addition to our specialization in copper, Refco has a lot of experience in processing stainless steel, brass, aluminum, metal-reinforced copper for CO2 applications, ... Our team is ready to guide you in the process for tailor-made products from our customers in a wide range of businesses.

Our division Morehouse develops complete solutions for cooling and heating applications, depending on your requirement. 

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Refco will gladly find a solution together with you 

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